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Slender Downtown Building Getting Makeover, Live/Work Units

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More pressure to be thin: blogdowntown reports that a decrepit, skinny, four-story Broadway building is getting converted to six live/work units (the bottom floor and basement will remain retail--currently a sports store). Known as the Rowley Building, the structure dates back to 1908 and lies between Seventh and Eighth Streets. Santa Monica-based L&V Architects is doing the conversion, which includes seismic upgrades and removal of those cinder blocks sitting in front of the windows. Official paperwork on the project is hard to come by, but the Loopnet listing for the entire 23,000 square foot building is closed, even though only 25% is currently leased out; that seems like a good sign that work may begin somewhat soon. A bit up north in Echo Park is another skinny project, architect Simon Storey's Eel's Nest home that he recently put on the market.
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