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Just Sold: The Red Toilet Paper "Million Dollar Listing" on Mulholland

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On the season finale of Million Dollar Listing we were all introduced to Rick, the sleazeball who owned 14200 Mulholland Drive. You remember him, right? He looks like a really intense magician in a suit. Anyway, the season finale would have you think that the house got sold but there's a little more to it than that. Josh Altman did manage to find a buyer for Rick, but the deal fell out of escrow and Altman got the boot. It's been a hard sell for this place--it's right on Beverly Glen and Mulholland, so it's noisy, and you have to pull a wicked left turn to get to the property. Furthermore, the interior decoration screams, "Don't accept a drink if you haven't seen it poured." Well, the stag pad finally sold this week for $2.59 million after being pricechopped down to $2.845 million. There really is somebody out there for every kind of home.
· 14200 Mulholland Dr [Redfin]