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We Know That Deborah Gibson Owned This Hollywood Hills Cottage

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Don't look now, but here comes a listing with one of our biggest pet peeves: the mystery "celebrity" owner. Come on, what say we retire this ridiculous charade? If an actual famous person owns/used to own a particular listing, either come right out and tell us who the celeb is or don't mention it at all, mmmmm-kay? That way, no one has to waste their time futzing around on PropertyShark in order to discover that oh, let's say, hypothetically, eighties pop star Deborah Gibson used to hang her fedora here. Nothing against the hypothetical Ms. Gibson (or her fedora); she just happens to be the latest unwitting participant in this silly marketing tactic. But seeing as we're already here, let's take a peek at her former home, shall we? Built in 1940, the 1,733 square foot cottage above the Sunset Strip features two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, crown moldings, a woodburning fireplace, a backyard fountain, flower garden, and detached, two-car garage. Last sold two years ago by the "Shake Your Love" singer for $900,000, it's now listed at $1.285 million.
· 1522 FOREST KNOLL Dr [Redfin]