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Like AmApp Before, Gap Builds Marketing Around Downtown LA

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Last year, San Francisco-based retailer Gap opened up a design studio for their 1969 denim brand in Downtown near the Convention Center--their new home is the basis for a new marketing campaign called "1969: L.A. and Beyond." The Los Angeles Times reports that the company's move to a 5,400-square-foot design office on West Pico Blvd. was intended to boost the cred of Gap's jeans brand, since so much denim is produced and designed in LA. "Once a cigar factory, the vast and open loft studio is based in the heart of the garment district on West Pico Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles," says a press release from the company. "This Gap denim epicenter is an ever-changing canvas for ideas, featuring art books, mood boards, vintage buttons, Japanese work wear catalogues and back issues of surfer magazines, set against a backdrop of sun-filled floor-to-ceiling bay windows." That's cool, but it might be nice if Gap actually opened up a store Downtown (or not, depending on who you ask).

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