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If the Venice Post Office Closes, Will Its Famous Mural Survive?

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The cute little post office at Venice's Windward Circle is likely on its way out, the Venice Patch reports. Hoping to consolidate services, the USPS wants to shut down the branch and send customers to a post office annex on Grand Boulevard. That's sad and all, but residents are really concerned for the post office's 70 year old, federally-commissioned mural by Modernist artist Edward Biberman, which depicts the history of the beach neighborhood. At a recent meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council, the VNC passed a motion formally opposing the closure of the Windward Circle branch, with VNC member Clark McHutchinson saying "My bigger concern is what happens to our beloved post office. I don't want to see a Starbucks." USPS real estate specialist Tina Moyer promised that the post office mural would be safe even if a private developer purchased the building. "It will be available to the public to view. No one gets to purchase it," Moyer said. "It's against our own policies to write a contract that would harm a historic property." Image via AfroPix
· VNC Appeals Post Office Proposal to Leave Historic Windward Circle Location [Venice Patch]

Venice Post Office

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