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Diane Keaton's Former Clifftop House in Laguna Beach

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We like how our tipster described the situation with this house: "Real Housewives + Diane Keaton= Price Chopper." Diane Keaton bought the 1928 Laguna Beach house in 2004 for about $7.5 million, according to an article at the time in the LA Times, and she sold it the current owners in 2005 for $14.5 million (nice return, Ms. K.!). In 2010, the owners enlisted Real Housewife of Orange County Jeana Keough to list the house at $13 million. Keaton is known for her fine taste and mad restoration skills; the RHOOCs are known for getting foreclosed on. Anyway, the five bedroom, four and a half bathroom has got a new broker now and a new price range. It was listed in June asking $9.998 million and has now been chopped down to $8.988 million. The listing notes the private stairs down to the beach and has this not at all mysterious note: "previously celebrity owned."
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