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Check Out the Pirate Real Estate Agent of Los Angeles

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Photo by Gregg Segal

Obviously we've been hanging out in the wrong places--while we knew that SoCal has a thing for backyard pirate ships, we had no idea that it also has a whole pirate-costumed subculture, with groups including the Port Royal Privateers and the Brethren of the Coast. Gregg Segal, the photographer who shot the Hollywood Boulevard heroes at home, has now captured appliance installers, stockbrokers, handymen, library workers, nurses, and other recreational pirates dressed up in their high seas gear while working their day jobs. This lass from Atrik Realty goes by Sweet Oleander. The Daily Mail talks to some of the pirates, who say that dressing up makes them feel good or helps them interact with people. As Segal tells the paper, "Los Angeles is a place where fantasy lives flourish."