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WeHoans Get Rowdy Over Kings Rd. Chameleon Apartment Building

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Last night, the West Hollywood Planning Commission unanimously approved a 25 unit apartment complex for Kings Rd., which really pissed off neighbors who think the development is way too "big box" for the area. According to WeHo Patch, they cited the anti-development trifecta: they "said construction would disrupt their lives. They also said it would add to traffic on the street and impact street parking." After the public comment period, the commissioners deliberated while opponents yelled at them, "shouting out questions and comments" (And that was before one of the commissioners called their attitude "classic NIMBYism." Meow.). When they realized the project was probably going to be approved, "several loudly walked out of the room." The project, between Fountain and Santa Monica, will require the demolition of two 1920s houses and split the difference between its two neighbors--the north side will be four stories and painted terra cotta; the south side will be two stories and painted white.
· New Apartment Complex Headed to Kings Road [WeHo Patch]