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Silver Lake Meadow Crossing Blocks Neutra, Tour Abbey San Encino

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SILVER LAKE: The city's putting in a mid-block crossing on Silver Lake Blvd. by the Silver Lake Meadow, since parking is only permitted on the east side of the street, across from the meadow. Everyone happy? Nope. Some preservationists, including Dion Neutra, are concerned that the signal poles block views to and from Richard Neutra's VDL Research House (it's on the National Register, owned by Cal Poly Pomona, and known for its leaky rooftop water feature). On his blog (right side), Richard's son and partner Dion suggests moving the crossing down a half block to the intersection at Earl St. [Curbed Inbox]

HIGHLAND PARK: The Highland Park Heritage Trust is opening up the Abbey San Encino for a rare set of tours on Sunday. As Big Orange Landmarks points out, the ASE is neither an Abbey nor in San Encino. It's an early twenties house built by newspaperman Clyde Browne (grandfather of Jackson Browne, who grew up at the Abbey) out of Arroyo Seco stones and odds and ends from European ruins--and it's in Highland Park. [HPHT]

Silver Lake Meadow (North Gate)

2270-2298 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90039