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Manhattan Beach is the US's Best City For Golddigging

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MB photo via MBIRU; Gold Diggers of 1933 still via Hollywood Musicals

CNNMoney has put together a list of the best places to go golddigging ("Best places for the rich and single," as they put it) and the number one spot goes to Manhattan Beach. With a 30.2% single population and a median family income of $154,860 (wait, family?), MB is the perfect place to reel in a partner who can keep you in the style to which you plan to become accustomed. CNNMoney says: "Sophistication with a beach bent sums up life in this exclusive coastal town that offers singles a cool alternative to Los Angeles."

Beverly Hills makes the list at spot number three, with its median family income of $142,180 and its "beautiful people, lavish homes and fast, expensive cars." And Hermosa Beach is at number four--it's highly available, at 47.5% single, and has a median family income of $134,033. Coronado, Marina del Rey, and Irvine also made the top twenty-five, so it's probably a little more heavily weighted toward the best places for "rich" than it is to the best places for "single."
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