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AIA Award-Winning Triple Architectural in Altadena

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While we're ordinarily opposed to the word "architectural" being employed as an adjective in real estate copy, it actually seems appropriate in the case of this Altadena property, which has been designed, altered, and expanded by three different architecture firms over its lifetime. Per the listing, the three bedroom, three bath post-and-beam was built by modernist Robert F. Gordon in 1949. It gained a new entryway and living space in the 1970s, courtesy of Tim Andersen, and in 2004, husband-and-wife architecture team Fung + Blatt "converted the poolside stables into a contemporary writers retreat, or guest bedroom and bath, winning A. I. A. Award recognition." Our compliments to all the chefs--the 1,844 square foot residence looks pretty darn dreamy, as do the bucolic grounds, where we can easily envision whiling away a summer's day with a friendly game of croquet. Last sold in 1997 for $330,000, it's now listed at $1.1 million.
· 3705 ALZADA Rd [Redfin]