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Will LA Get a Michael Jackson-Designed, Music-Playing Monument?

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The art hangar via LA Weekly

Of course Michael Jackson had a top secret Santa Monica Airport hangar stuffed with his own art. LA Weekly was the first to visit this week and reports back that the collection is currently owned and overseen by Australian artist and monument builder Brett-Livingstone Strong, along with the Jackson estate, and it's supposedly valued at north of $900 million (but that includes reproductions). An exhibition of MJ's art is "tentatively planned" to show at City Hall, but LA could get a way bigger Jackson original: an MJ monument co-designed by Jackson and Strong. Jackson had originally thought it'd work for Las Vegas, but, LAW says that according to Strong, Mayor Villaraigosa "recently paid a visit and made a few oblique promises." The design is still unfinished, but the idea is that anyone who buys a Jackson print will get a card that they can scan at the monument. Strong describes the potential experience: "He wanted his fans to be able to get married at a monument that would have all of his music [in an archive, and playing on speakers], to inspire some of his fans."

Preliminary design for the monument via LA Weekly
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