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More Evidence For the SaMo Apple, Pop Out of a Cake in Venice

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Image via Apple

SANTA MONICA: Hey, this looks sort of familiar, doesn't it? It's Apple's store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and whatever anonymous retailer wants to build that big store on the Third Street Promenade totally ripped it off. Just kidding, the Promenade retailer is obviously Apple. SaMo's Planning Commission will consider the store at its meeting tonight. [Apple]

VENICE: Meanwhile, over in Venice...the Venice Art Crawl is growing up fast. It'll turn one tomorrow night, and to celebrate you can get yourself photographed jumping out a giant cake (and also see a ton of art). Festivities start at six and run in dozens of galleries between Venice and Rose. More from the press release: "From music pouring out of a converted gas station, to abandoned houses transformed into burning man-inspired parties every surface is a canvas at this eclectic arts celebration." [Curbed Inbox]