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Which of These Fuzzy Math Houses Should We Visit This Weekend?

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It's up to you to choose which open house the Weekend Warrior visits and reports back on this Sunday.

Okay, we've all heard of full baths and half baths, but in the real estate world, where everything is designed to confuse you and squeeze as much bang out of your buck as possible, there are also 0.25 baths and 0.75 baths. The way it's broken down is this: toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower. If you have two of the above (usually a toilet and hopefully a sink), you have a half bath and all four are considered a full. What really tickles us are the 0.25 baths. Would you be okay with just a toilet? What's the point of just a sink?

So for this week's Weekend Warrior Open House Poll, we have a 2.25 bath in Venice for $1.28 million, a 1.75 bath in Beverly Grove for $949,000, a 4.75 bath in Pacific Palisades for $2.399 million, and a 2.75 bath in Brentwood for $1.399 million. Happy polling!

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