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Heyday Sells 19-House True Blood Fire Project in Eagle Rock

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Renderings and plans via Heyday; a reader took the lot shots after the land was fully cleared in July Heyday Partnership, the design-builders behind Eagle Rock's Rock Row and Echo Park's Dick + Jane houses, has sold a 19 unit project in Eagle Rock called Ellenwood to big nationwide homebuilder Pulte Homes. Ellenwood is already famous because it got one of the best land-clearings ever--HBO burned down its old cottages last winter for a scene in True Blood. Heyday, which is all about the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance that allows for multiple detached houses on single lots, has already gotten entitlements to build 19 two- and three-story houses on the half-acre parcel.

Heyday was originally supposed to break ground on Ellenwood in the spring and finish up in the next few months, but it sounds like continuing would've been too financially dicey for the small firm. Writing on the company's website, partner Kevin Wronske says that with their financing they would have had to sell the houses super-fast to be successful. It's likely that Pulte will build something very close to what's entitled, but "Pulte is far more conservative than we are so we're guessing what Pulte builds may be slightly less progressive than what we would have built." On the upside, Wronske declares Pulte's interest in such a project a win for infill, small lot subdivisions, and density.

Meanwhile, Heyday is using the Ellenwood sale profits to invest in smaller projects and is already on to three more in the northeast LA area. They're hoping to break ground on a six-unit project in Silver Lake by the end of the year.
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