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Architect Wants to Flip 15 Foot Wide Echo Park Black Box

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The pretty astounding Echo Park black box home on Fairbanks Place is now on the market, reports the Eastsider LA. Architect Simon Storey currently calls the odd structure--a narrow two stories above a garage--home and refers to it as the Eel's Nest (a Japanese description of a slim home or building). Storey tells the Eastsider that even though the house is only 15 feet wide and less than 1,000 square feet, people often comment at how large the two bed/one bath seems from inside. Storey's construction budget was only $110,000, which is why the house is covered in black stucco (he'd wanted to clad it in wood, but was stymied by the city requirement that the wood be fire-treated). Storey only moved into the house in the spring and is now asking $559,000. Though described in the listing as a "brand new house from top to bottom," Redfin shows the house, in some form, went up in 1927--the top floor, including a sexy rooftop with olive trees, was added by Storey. "It has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated," according to the listing. We can believe it. Update: Here it is on Curbed back in its pre-second story days, looking a little fast foody.
· Echo Park's Black Box for Sale [Eastsider LA]
· 1416 FAIRBANKS Pl Los Angeles, CA 90026 [Redfin]

Eel's Nest

1416 Fairbanks Pl., Los Angeles, CA