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Someone Wants to Build a Glass-Roofed Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade

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A tipster points us to this item scheduled for consideration by the Santa Monica Planning Commission tomorrow night--an unnamed retailer wants to tear down the old three story Borders space on the Third Street Promenade (near Santa Monica Blvd.) and build a one story, 8,084 square foot building that, judging by renderings, looks uncannily like an Apple Store. No. An Apple Store 2.0. The applicant for the project is listed as ASB/Blatteis Promenade Holdings, LLC--its purchase of the property was reported in September 2010. No retailer is listed on the application and SaMo Planning couldn't say who it will be. Apple currently has a store on the Promenade down by Arizona Ave. and just opened it first 2.0 store at the Americana in Glendale.

According to the Planning Commission report, "The proposed one-story, 34-foot high commercial building will feature an expansive floor-to-ceiling height accentuated by a transparent glass ceiling. The front façade will consist entirely of transparent glass panels that will project five feet from stone paneled side walls." Designs will have to be run by the city's Architectural Review Board before they're final.

The report also says that "the applicant" will set up a program to encourage employees to use alternative transportation to get to work: "The applicant will offer all full-time retail employees a $100 monthly transit subsidy towards the purchase of transit fare and a $20 per month bicycle reimbursement subsidy for improvements, maintenance, and service. In addition, secure bicycle parking for employees of the building will be located in the basement level." Doesn't that sound like just the nicest anonymous, glass-obsessed probable-electronics-peddler?
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