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Three More Miles of Car-Free Fun for October CicLAvia

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The next CicLAvia--which closes down a bunch of Los Angeles streets to vehicular traffic and opens them up to bikes, feet, and impromptu soccer games--is October 9. The plan for this third event was to expand the previously 7.5 mile route that ran from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights. Southern and eastern spurs were bandied about, but it looks like a short southern spur through the Fashion District to the African American Firefighter Museum and a northern spur into Chinatown made the cut, reports Streetsblog. The additions add three miles and two new rest stops to the car-free fun, as well as close access to Union Station and the Chinatown Gold Line station. Streetsblog thanks Mayor Villaraigosa for pushing an expanded route and hopes this is a sign of things to come: back in the seventies, Bogota, Colombia originated the car-free party that CicLAvia is based on; it started with a seven-mile route and is now a weekly 80 mile event.
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