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What You Call Wilshire & Highland, Biking to LA's Architecture

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Photo via A/N Blog

MID-WILSHIRE?: So, what do you call the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Highland Ave.? By popular vote: Mid-Wilshire! Boooooring. As many commenters pointed out, it's a trick question anyway--four-ish different neighborhoods meet at this intersection. Those neighborhoods could be any combination of Hancock Park, Brookside, Park Mile, Sycamore Square, or Mid-Wilshire. Or, as commenter crispyfrog says: "Well, since Beverly Hills BMW is now just a block west of that intersection, it's obviously Beverly Hills!" That was fun! What's next? (Seriously--email us.) [Curbed LA]

MID-WILSHIRE?: For advanced bikers and/or advanced architecture nerds: BikeHaus leads rides to mid-century modern houses around Los Angeles, "by the likes of Lautner, Ellwood, Eames, Schindler and Wright," says the Architect's Newspaper's blog. Or for an easier-on-the-glutes option: the Googie Coffee Shops Bicycle Ride, which organizes a Googie breakfast trip once a month. [A/N Blog]