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Sunset Junction Vintage Shops Making Way for Mixed-Use

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Updated 1:08 pm: On Friday, we mentioned the rumors going around (and published on Mondette) that a row of shops on Santa Monica Blvd. in Sunset Junction would be shuttered in September to make room for a planned housing development. Tipsters have confirmed that owners of the shops (which include Kelly Green, Launderette by Zachary Smile, and Bepop Vintage) have until the end of August to clean out the premises, but the site's developer, Frost/Chaddock, hasn't yet returned calls regarding when they plan to demolish the existing buildings and start new construction. F/C presented plans for the parcel to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council back in January 2009. A website called Sunset Junction Destruction posted in detail about the project at that time, with some concerns about the historic character of the buildings, but has stayed silent about the project since.

According to Julie Wong, rep for Councilmember Eric Garcetti's office, the project is by right and does not have any variances or exceptions that require city approval. As presented to the community in 2009, the project would be four stories of mixed-use, including 90 units of residential. The building would span Sunset Blvd. to Sanborn Ave. and was said to be designed by Kanner Architects.

The project sits directly across the street from the forthcoming Bloomrs installation--the giant steel saddle that won the Envisioning Silver Lake competition (the buildings in question are in the background of the saddle's rendering).

We'll let you know when we hear more about the developer's plans and whether designs have changed since 2009, but until then, drop a line to the tipline if you know anything. Image via Mondette
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