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WeHo Jons Shuttering Aug. 20--Apartments Breaking Ground Soon?

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The past-its-prime-but-still-likable Jons grocery store at Fountain and La Brea has its last day of operation on Saturday--this store is the site of a proposed six-story mixed-use development by the Monarch Group. A Yelp commenter writes this about losing the store: "I'M DEVASTATED. Went in today to pick up some fresh veggies and fruits. And then I found out this location is closing for 'a future development.' Great, now where am I going to get all my fresh veggies??" We hear this project, as well as its brother, Monarch's Carls Jr.-replacing development down the street at Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea, will be starting work soon, but we have no confirmation yet on groundbreakings for either--Monarch referred us to a PR firm that we're awaiting word from. Monarch did tell us there's still no groundbreaking news for Santa Monica Blvd.'s Movietown project, current site of a Trader Joe's (you can get veggies there, we guess) and a ghostly stripmall. But back to the Jons project--WeHo's getting a 187 unit apartment building with 70,359 square feet of retail.
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