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What Do You Call the Wilshire Blvd./Highland Ave. Area?

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Los Angeles geography sure is batshit wacky, huh? Over at New York-based blog The Awl, Angeleno Eric Spiegelman lays out just how weird neighborhood naming (our favorite sport) can get around here. He considers the intersection of Wilshire and Highland: "The sign on the corner says you’re somewhere called Brookside. The sign on the other corner says you’re in Park Mile. The sign a block away, in full view of the other signs, says you’re in Sycamore Square." Google Maps confusingly calls it Dockweiler. Locals have several different thoughts on the matter. Mapping LA says it's on the border of Hancock Park and Mid-Wilshire. Spiegelman's friend calls it Trader Joe's Adjacent, although Spiegelman thinks that neighborhood actually stops at Sixth St. We spend so much time arguing over what to call the neighborhoods east of Western that we forget to argue about all the other neighborhoods. So let's figure this out right here and now.

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