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Predicting a Price Chop For Agent Ed Limato's Heather House

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The Heather House, agent Ed Limato's 1937 estate in Coldwater Canyon, has been on the market longer than a lot of houses (since September 2010), but it's been pricechopped accordingly. In January 2011, $3 million was lopped off from the original $15.5 million price tag, and back in April it dropped again to $9.95 million So far the pricechopping has happened pretty consistently at four month intervals, so will we see another reduction soon? Perhaps to a reasonable price? The house has a lot going for it (the huge and immaculately well-kept estate, the hair salon INSIDE the master closet) but a lot that keeps it from appealing to a wide range of potential buyers (again with the black toilet bowls and the bathrooms made entirely of mirror). Though Marlene does speak to parts of the house (and the screening room was named for her), wouldn't it have been just as appropriate to Photoshop Winona in Heathers into the theater?
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