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All the Single People Might Like this Quaint House in Fairfax District

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit the WeHo-adjacent 750 N Martel Ave., a house listed for under $800k.

Y'all picked a good one! Thrifty was the key word for this week's selection of open houses and this fits the bill coming in at $715,000. The house is really small--one story, nonexistent yard, 1,112 square feet, two bedrooms, one bath. Just with those bulletpoints, you wouldn't think you were getting anything special, but that's why we go to open houses: to challenge our preconceptions and eat free brownies. The house sits on a corner lot on a gorgeous street, and the houses up and down the block are well-maintained. The dark woodwork is really stunning and the appliances are all high quality. The living room is surprisingly spacious with a 15 foot ceiling and a gorgeous window. Families and couples might want to turn back while they still can, but for a single guy or gal looking for an easy to keep up, warm home in an amazing location, this place is not a bad deal.
· 750 N Martel Ave [Redfin]