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Imagining LA Without Cars, New Housing in Sunset Junction?

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We're cutting out early for a summer Friday. Tune in tomorrow for Curbed LA Weekend.

MIRACLE MILE: As part of their Rethink/LA: Perspectives on a Future City exhibit, the A+D Museum, along with Good magazine, Design East of La Brea, and the LA County Bicycle Coalition, last night hosted their Moving Beyond Cars party, aka "LA's Alternative Transportation Celebration." Aside from the imagined cityscapes featured in the Future City exhibit, the Moving Beyond Cars event had several videos from local green-minded folk, including Good's pedestrian aficionado Alissa Walker discussing how she learned to enjoy walking. Urban planner James Rojas talked to the crowd about public transit's role in architecture, while images of a quiet 405 were projected on a wall. The bike coalition provided a well-used cyclist valet outside the museum and there were long lines of people climbing into/out of the 20 and 720 buses. Good hosts another Moving Beyond Cars party on Wednesday, this time at Downtown's City National Plaza. [Curbed Staff]

SILVER LAKE: There are rumors going around that the villagey-looking cluster of shops on Santa Monica Blvd. at Sunset are all closing down to make way for a housing development. A Mondette commenter hears that the owners want to tear down the buildings now but wait to build. We're looking into it, but if you know anything, please do direct it to the tipline. [Mondette]

ALL OVER: As always, don't forget to vote in our Weekend Warriors Poll. Which under-$800k house will we visit this Sunday? Your call. [Curbed LA]