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Farmers Almanac: Another NFL Stadium War

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Is USC feeling a little jealous of LA's plans to bring an NFL team Downtown? Developer AEG and the city hope to temporarily house a team at the LA Memorial Coliseum while AEG builds the proposed Farmers Field in South Park, but USC plays its football games there and has veto power over another team using the stadium. City Councilmember Bernard Parks says that "a USC administrator told him that the school intends to exercise the veto unless it receives a new 'master lease' that would give the private university near-total control of the publicly owned stadium." Meanwhile, Pasadena's sly old Rose Bowl is just throwing it out there: it's "very interested" in having the NFL. Image via Wikipedia [LAT]

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037