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Rose McGowan Left Pot Brownies Out at Her Los Feliz Open House

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Actress Rose McGowan went on Chelsea Lately this week and dished some really amazing dirt about her exploits in selling her 1928 house in Los Feliz (it sold in May for $1.775 million). First she says she accidentally left pot brownies out for a bunch of real estate agents and inspectors (her agent had a particularly unfortunate next appointment). Then she says she moved because, after putting about $17,000 into the ducts, she was still having terrible allergies and spending nights in hotels to get away. The problem followed her to her new house, which she hates, and that's when she finally realized she's allergic to her down pillows (she admits it wasn't a genius episode). So she tried to buy her house back, but the buyer, whom she says is Paul McCartney's manager, will only sell for much more than he paid. Can every celebrity please be this candid about their ridiculous house-selling adventures?

The good stuff starts around 1:40:

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