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Ink. Explodes on Melrose, Umami Goes Grove, Hyde is Back, and Babycakes Moves Into Larchmont

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Eater is excited about Michael Voltaggio's ink. (seen above), which will open in September at Melrose and Kings; the interior is described as looking like the "inside of Gollum's mouth." Expect it to be a new "it" restaurant. Meanwhile, a related sandwich shop, ink.sack, opened a few doors down today.

THE GROVE: The former Wonderland Bakery at the Grove will get a big makeover when Umami Burger opens a flagship restaurant in the space. No opening date indicated, but the restaurant will be made with renewable materials and will seat 175 when finished.

HOLLYWOOD: Hyde Lounge, THE spot for the Hollywood crowd back in 2006, is coming back to life on August 17. Nightlife stalwart Brent Bolthouse is behind the reboot and he's hired 2006 fixture Samantha Ronson to DJ opening night--we guess fresh blood isn't what Bolthouse has in mind.

LARCHMONT: New York-based Babycakes bakery is opening a second location (after Downtown) in the former Pinkberry space on Larchmont. Expect a December opening and vegan waffles, pancakes, and donuts in addition to the cupcake action.
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