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Inside the Space That's Designed Only For Listening to Spiritualized

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At Coachella this year, there was a temporary structure designed for the sole purpose of listening to the Spiritualized song "Ladies and Gentlmen We Are Floating in Space." The piece itself was by Brit filmmaker Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman of Spiritualized; the "cathedral-like space," dotted with pools of light and sound, was designed by LA architecture firm Undisclosable (as described by the Creators Project, which commissioned the piece). In an interview with the isi studio blog published yesterday, Undisclosable's Alejandra Lillo talks about Coachellians' reactions: "You know, I didn't anticipate people doing yoga moves on their head in the middle of the pool of light. I thought people would lay down, or curl up, but the yoga moves were crazy. Some people cried. Others really wanted to listen to the music so they tilted their heads to locate the origin of the sound. We were very committed to hiding the origin of the sounds, where the music was coming from, by seamlessly embedding speakers in the floor and in the ceiling." More on creating the structure here; more on creating the sound installation here.

· Alejandra Lillo [isi studio]
· Jonathan Galzer And J. Spaceman [Creators Project]