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Which of These Houses Under $800K Should We Visit This Weekend?

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It's up to you to choose which open house the Weekend Warrior visits and reports back on this Sunday.

Watching the stock market throughout the past week probably feels similar to being in a relationship with Courtney Love: the ups, the downs, the rapidity of change, and the insanity of it all. We're not sure where it'll all end up, but how about we hedge our bets on some cheaper fare for this week's Weekend Warriors Open House poll? What do you think of these houses, are they total bargains or total dumps? We've got a West Hollywood-adjacent two bedroom for $715,000, a two bedroom in Echo Park for $549,000, a three bedroom in Larchmont for $799,000, and a two bedroom above the Sunset Strip for $650,000. So, potential for flipping or just a flop? Vote below and tell us which we should visit this weekend.
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