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Soriano's Once-Trashed Lukens House Looking Much Better

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A tipster stopped by the Raphael Soriano-designed Lukens House in Jefferson Park yesterday and snapped these photos of the restoration-in-progress. The Lukens was built in 1940 for ceramic artist/USC professor Glen Lukens and it fell into bad (really bad) disrepair in recent years. After going up for sale last summer, the house sold for $285,000 in September 2010. We've heard the buyer is someone who's fixed up several historic houses in Oregon and Palm Springs and our tipster talked to the contractors, who say they're using old plans and photos to bring the Lukens back (the house was completely documented by photographer Julius Shulman, who also lived in a Soriano). However, the layout is being opened up a little (see the original floorplan here). Our tipster wasn't allowed inside, but says that from outside "it's coming alive and looking great." Do compare with the before shots here--this house has really come back from the dead.
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Lukens House

3425 W. 27th St., Los Angeles, CA