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Santa Monica's New Bike Plan: Ambitious

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A local cycling group was the first to get a gander of Santa Monica's long-in-the-works draft Bike Action Plan, which spells out plans for bike infrastructure for the next 20 years. Response was positive, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press, likely because Santa Monica is going full-throttle. The city hopes to create "no new [car] net trips" even though development and population is on the rise, and getting people to switch to bikes is a big part of that press. Goals include doubling the number of miles of designated bikeways to 69 by 2015, bringing that to 88.7 miles by 2030, adding 25,000 bike parking spots, and increasing the percentage of people biking to work from the current 3.4 percent to 25 percent. Streets like Michigan Avenue, Ocean Park Boulevard, Pearl Street, and Barnard Way will get things like sharrows, bike lanes, and additional parking. [SMDP]