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Moving Beyond Cars With Dog-Dragons, Sydney Pollack Neff Sells

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Image by Kanel Suos via Good

MIRACLE MILE: Post-Carmageddon, Good asked readers to whip up their versions of a car-free Los Angeles--this is Imperial Highway and Sepulveda Blvd. near LAX as imagined with personal balloon transit and bioengineered shipping dog-dragons. Awesome. All of the submissions will be displayed tomorrow night at the Moving Beyond Cars party at the A+D Museum, which will also have a bike valet, stats collectors, and free New Belgium beer. [Good/Curbed Inbox]

PACIFIC PALISADES: The long-time house of director/producer/actor Sydney Pollack and his wife Claire, which was designed by Wallace Neff and sits on three-quarters of an acre in Pacific Palisades, is one hell of an endive salad. It came on the market in June asking $7.85 million and has already sold, according to the LA Times, although there's no word of a price yet. [LAT]