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1955 House One of the Last Originals on Malibu's Broad Beach

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On LAObserved's Here in the Malibu blog this weekend, Veronique de Turenne wrote about her cousin Suzanne's 1955 house on Broad Beach, one of the most expensive and star-studded neighborhoods in Malibu (as well as one of the most erosion-prone). Turenne says her cousin moved in in 1971 and lived in the house for 40 years, during which "She never changed a thing. (Seriously, check out the kitchen.)" Suzanne died in May and her house was listed for sale in June asking $8.5 million. The listing for the 1,736 square foot house puts the teardown option on the table and says "This is truly a unique opportunity to buy a beach house for land value, on a great section of Broadbeach Road!" After two chops, asking price today is $7.495 million. The house is probably one of very few originals left on Broad Beach, but we did find a 1948 house down the beach for sale, although it looks like it's had some work done.
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