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Flyover and Gossip in the Golden Triangle, Getty Putting Together Los Angeles-Wide Architecture Show

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Video updated 8/4

GOLDEN TRIANGLE: Start getting excited for Michael Gross's book Unreal Estate, all about the wild personalities and WASPily-named houses of the Golden Triangle (Gross goes for the upgraded "Platinum Triangle"). Via the Real Estalker, here's a trailer with Gross narrating a Google flyover of the region with brief teases about Greystone Mansion, The Knoll, Ron Burkle's place Greenacres, and more. The book comes out November 1. [YouTube/Real Estalker]

BRENTWOOD: The LA Times reports that the Getty is putting together a multi-institution show of Los Angeles architecture, with a "sort of anchor" survey of works from 1940 to 1990 running at the Brentwood museum starting in mid-2013. The Getty Foundation is giving grants to partner institutions for accompanying shows--the Hammer will do an exhibition on A. Quincy Jones--and participants include MOCA, the A+D Museum, Cal Poly Pomona, the MAK Center, SCI-Arc, and UC Santa Barbara. [LAT]