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Acton's Phonehenge West Builder Jailed For Leaving the Lights On

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The owner and builder of Phonehenge West, that folk arty, 13-structure compound up in Acton, was jailed today for keeping the electricity turned on at the property, reports the AP. Alan Kimble Fahey spent decades building Phonehenge, which was named for his long career as a phone service technician, and was found guilty last month on a slew of code violations. An LA County Superior Court judge put off sentencing today, but still ordered Fahey held for failing to obey a previous order to cut electricity and keep people out of the illegal buildings. Fahey said he has taken off about 70 doors and windows from Phonehenge's 70 foot tower, but that he hasn't had enough time to take down any buildings, doesn't have a crane, and doesn't know how to disconnect the power since he's not an electrician. He also said that the boarders told to leave come back in while he's asleep. The deputy DA dismissed a few violations that hadn't been decided on last month and sentencing was rescheduled for July 22. [Part of Phonehenge via Facebook]
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