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90210's $40,000 Prada Bag, a Flip Flop Pop-Up, and More

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BEVERLY HILLS: Prada is selling a limited edition crocodile bag, available only at its Beverly Hills store for guess how much. Guess. Ok, we'll tell you: $40,000.

HOLLYWOOD: Flip flop pop-up! Havaianas will be peddling its sandals "in every size and color combination possible" at Space15Twenty through the end of the month.

LOS ANGELES: Racked is spending this balmy July trying to find the sexist retailers in LA. Go nominate gorgeous store owners and sales associates for its Hottest Shopkeeper contest.

FAIRFAX: What Goes Around Comes Around's new shop on La Brea has "a super-secret Batcave-like VIP room that's typically reserved for celebs, stylists, and costume designers." Racked peeks behind the velvet rope.
· Racked LA [Official Site]