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Culver City Could Delay Expo Line Phase I Over Terra Cotta Tiles

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Make it end: Streetsblog reports that the Expo Line Culver City station is seeing little construction action these days, even though it's supposed to open in January (parts of the Expo Line were originally slated to open in 2010). That's because there's a dispute between the light-rail construction authority and Culver City, with the latter refusing to release millions of dollars that were supposed to pay for a bike path, street improvements to Washington and National Boulevards, and facilities around the station including a pedestrian plaza and parking lot landscaping. Culver City says they have so far been delivered a different station than what was promised and won't give Expo more money "unless the Expo Board passes a motion to build the station as Culver City wants. Expo says they won't build anything in Culver City until the City pays what they promised."

It's not really clear what extras Culver City wants for their station, but on audio of a recent Expo board meeting, LA County Supervisor and Expo Construction Authority board member Zev Yaroslavsky says that there was no condition stipulating that Culver City wouldn't release funds for the bike path and street improvements if "sequoia trees and terra cotta tiles" weren't part of the stop (yes, you may place your head in your hands). According to Streetsblog, the terminus station, whenever it may open, would be a bare bones operation if Expo and Culver City can't meet in the middle--and the area around the station needs as much help as it can get. Neither the Expo Authority nor Culver City responded to a request for comment.
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