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By William Kesling, For Old Timey Star Wallace Beery in Fairfax

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Wallace Beery--star of silents The Lost World and Robin Hood, Oscar winner for talkie The Champ, one-time husband of Gloria Swanson--liked architect William Kesling so much that, according to the Silver Lake News, he had Kesling build two streamline modernes in and near West Hollywood in 1936: a duplex on Waring Avenue and this house in Fairfax, which really goes for it, streamline-wise. According to listing agent Victoria Massengale, it's one of only twelve Keslings left and includes his only water feature. It's also got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a Roman brick fireplace, and an "original stone barbecue." Asking price is $1.075 million.
· 947 North MARTEL Ave [Redfin]