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Liz Taylor Sells in Bel Air, San Francisco Bringing Fog and Prizes

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Image via Architectural Digest

BEL AIR: Elizabeth Taylor's Bel Air house has sold, and in just 33 days, according to an email from the listing agent, David Mossler. The house went up for sale in May asking $8.6 million, but never had to sully itself with an MLS listing. We're working on finding out more. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Jeez, San Francisco, stop trying to steal all our tourists. This weekend the city is bringing a genuine SF cable car "complete with fog and a soundtrack by the SF Symphony" all around SoCal, including to the Griffith Observatory, Walt Disney Hall, Santa Monica Pier, and other local tourist attractions. They'll also be giving out hotel stays and other stuff from SF, plus showing off a human model of Matisse's "Femme au Chapeau" (which is on display at SFMOMA right now) and a live albino python from the California Academy of Sciences. Well played, NorCal. More info here. [Curbed Inbox]