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How to Build a Gold Line Extension Basket Bridge

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As mentioned last week, construction is starting on the distinctive light-rail bridge that will carry Gold Line trains from Pasadena to Arcadia over the 210 freeway (hopefully by early 2015). The construction authority has a new video out to explain the impacts of construction and how they're going to build this big thing in only a year. If you commute on the 210, you may have already seen construction workers milling around; a 350 ton crane will be arriving at the site soon and work is starting on a 20 foot high, 500 foot long temporary retaining wall in the freeway median (it'll help level the ground). Later in the summer, a drilling rig called "Big Stan" will help install foundations for the Native American-inspired "baskets" that will partially hold up the train bridge. Work has to move fast before the rainy season starts--full freeway closures, at night, will be required at some point.

Meanwhile, the Monrovia Patch reports that the city of Monrovia and the construction authority continue to negotiate for a deal on a maintenance facility (they're working around Hollywood development-staller Robert Silverstein, who is repping a client suing to stop the land sale required for the facility). But there's still no real deal.
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