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580 Square Feet in Mt. Washington for $299,000

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Down a stairway in Mount Washington, this little guy packs in a lot to its 580 square feet--a first floor living room with built-ins, an office, a respectably-sized kitchen, and a second floor bedroom. On the other hand, it only squeezes in one bathroom. The house was built in 1923 and "harks back when this was the country + city folks came to Mt. Washington to paint, reflect & gather friends around long tables in the yard for lively discussions & debates," according to the listing, which goes on to suggest that a 2011 Downtowner might also use the house as a naturey getaway. The property is asking $299,000, but that still pencils out to a rather steep for the area $516 per square foot.
· 1228 CLIFF Dr [Redfin]