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1962 Still in Full Swing at Robert L. Earl House in Trousdale Estates

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First photo on left and floorplan via Architectural Digest This well-preserved pad in the Trousdale Estates is already on its way off the market (it was in contract after 10 days listed), but who could pass up a good gawk at the height of 1962 glamor? The four bedroom, six and a half bathroom house was built that very year, designed by Robert L. Earl, and it made Architectural Digest in 1963. (Unfortunately, there're no current shots of the front door from the inside, so we can't know what's going on with what AD described as "Austrial shades [that] are black and white striped trimmed with black and white tassels." Update 6:10 pm: As Steven Price helpfully points out, the front door is there in photo 23 and the Austrial shades and tassels are gone gone gone.) The house went on the market June 17 asking $5.45 million, and according to the Facebook page of Trousdale scholar Steven Price, has had multiple offers. A sale's been pending since June 27.
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