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Japan is Being Watched in Hancock Park, Double Parcels Up for Grabs in Harvard Heights

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HANCOCK PARK: A reader is wondering why, out of all the fancy addresses in Hancock Park, this one needs such particularly tight security: "there's a security car parked 24/7 outside of the house on the north west corner of 4th Street at Hudson...Totally not trying to stalk, really, just wondering if it's John Wells' home, the mayor's house #2, or... someone... else." That security car hangs around so much that it even shows up on Google Street View. PropertyShark shows that the house, address 375 S. Hudson Ave., is neither ER- nor Villaraigosa-related, but belongs to the government of Japan. [Curbed Inbox]

HARVARD HEIGHTS: If you're looking to build something largeish and Koreatown-adjacent, has our tipster got a good one for you. He writes: "Both the Northeast and Northwest corners of Pico and Kingsl[e]y, in K-Town, have been listed for sale. It's a lot of square footage that would benefit some lucky developer." How about a couple of mini-malls? Connected by a pedestrian bridge? Anyone? [Curbed Inbox]