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Anna Nicole Smith House in Studio City Hits the Market

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Opera lovers around the world dry heaved at the news that an Anna Nicole Smith opera had opened in London a couple months ago and they dropped their monocles when it got stellar reviews. How will the real estate world react to the latest breaking news to keep Anna Nicole Smith in the forefront of our minds? In 2007, the Anna Nicole Smith company Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. was shut down for failing to pay taxes, but still owns a five bed/five and a half bath, $1.75 million Studio City house under Howard K. Stern's name. Stern, the assumed Smith baby daddy until a DNA test proved otherwise, was accused of but eventually acquitted on conspiracy charges related to Smith's death. Is someone finally getting around to paying those legal expenses?
· 3646 Avenida Del Sol [Redfin]
· 3646 Avenida Del Sol [Blockshopper]