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Any Rich Intelligentsia For Hal Levitt Flip in the Trousdale Estates?

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Good picking on the poll this week! The winning open house of the weekly open house poll was the most expensive of the four, but somehow the house won us over with its humility. Yeah, you read that correctly: $14.5 million Trousdale Estates home has humility. We'd covered 425 Martin Lane a month ago to mixed reviews, but as it often goes, the open house tells a different story. Except for the exterior, most of the Hal Levitt that used to be here is gone, but the remodel was done with such respect. Every last detail is expensive so the pricetag is deserved, and yet it's such a peaceful and low-key level of luxury. If there were such a thing as "chic literati with money to burn," this place would have sold in a second.
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