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A Ralphs Store is Not Your Downtown Condo

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Failing at photographing one's home is like failing phys ed or study hall--it shouldn't be possible, but somehow there's always someone who falls through the cracks. To help listings be their very best, we show you what not to do.

Downtown MLS listings are really special because besides the barren interior photos that more resemble a blank canvas than a room, agents often list these Downtown condos with glamor shots of the buildings and, worst of all, images of stores nearby. Many units advertise their two-block proximity to Ralph's, which is actually a selling point for the grocery store desert that is Downtown, and that's fine, but you can assume that most people shopping for condos know what a Ralphs looks like.
· 1111 South Grand Ave #705 [Redfin]
· 1100 South Hope St #415 [Redfin]