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Sunset Strip Compound Available for Time-Traveling Villains

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We went to this open house last week and boy did it leave an impression. This 6 bed, 12 bath showstopper has a pool in every room. Okay, that was an exaggeration. Not all of the bathrooms have pools. Three feet from the master bed (not bedroom, bed), one can descend into a pool with walk-up bar. Indoor ponds abound, all recessed and gorgeous. There's so much water going through the advertised-three-but-really-five stories of this house, it's a wonder that LA hasn't gone back into a drought this summer. Within seconds of entering the Villa Allegra, one expects to bump into a bikini-clad Ursula Andress. From there, a picture starts to emerge. Scene: a Bond villain's compound on a remote island. He strokes his cat contemplatively, his hand adorned with chunky rings. He sees a man-servant ogling one of the girls in his harem and he shoves him in a pool. The man-servant learns his lesson. After its second pricechop last month, the house is currently listed at $9.85 million.
· 1755 Viewmont Dr [Redfin]