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Mayor Asks Conan O'Brien to Fix All of Los Angeles's Problems

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Conan O'Brien has already "beautified" dusty, dead-end West Raymer Street in Van Nuys in his campaign to get Mayor Villaraigosa to rename the street for him. But the mayor doesn't think that's enough--he's put out a video full of LA citizens, teasingly holding a "Conan O'Brien Way Dead End" street sign and telling O'Brien what he should do to earn it. The UCLA men's basketball team wants to play members of his staff (yeah, we'd watch that), the Friends of the LA River want him to be the face of its kayaking program, and others want him to work in the schools, pick up trash, and get a tan.

· Conan Beautifies Proposed Conan O'Brien Blvd. in Van Nuys [Curbed LA]