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Hodgetts + Fung Turn Old Hummers Into New Housing

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It's been so nice barely having to deal with those douchey Hummers on the road since the brand went defunct last year, but now local architects Hodgetts + Fung are bringing them back. However, this time, instead of oversized cars, they're serving as modestly-sized houses--a prefab called the Hummer Home (via Dornob). Here's how the architects explain it: "Consisting of eight identical Hummer body shells supported by a prefabricated steel armature, the space is utilized in the manner of an industrially produced object, with 12 volt electrical systems, OEM refrigeration, heating, and media components, and ingenious use of the nooks and crannies generated by the pressed steel enclosures. Optional geothermal storage tanks, photo-voltaic cells, and soy insulation will complete a sustainable project which has, at its core, the recycling of an automobile plant and the resuscitation of its supply chain."
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